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Recovery cream that provides intense care by creating a barrier similar to the skins to moisturize and improve damaged skin. Custom-made formula Skin-sync Rx??, containing ceramide, panthenol, centella asiatica extract and 3 other effective ingredients that improves the skin barrier to strengthen the skin¢®?s own energy. About Dr.Belmeur CICA Recovery: A premium derma-cosmetic skincare line [...]


his gently cleansing foam offers your skin a clear and even complexion. Enriched with rice water (contains Vitamin A, B, E and ceramide that hydrates the skin even after cleansing), it cleanses the skin without irritation, thanks to its creamy texture.


The energy ampoule with ingredients extracted from Centella asiatica* and peptide complex* energizes tired skin, creates a smoother surface, and helps strengthen the skin barrier for firmer skin. About Dr.Belmeur CICA Recovery: A premium derma-cosmetic skincare line that uses plant-based ingredients that have similar components to our skin. Dermatologically tested, this line provides gentle skincare [...]


Description -Help alleviate hair loss symptoms. -No silicon nor sulfate are contained, no need to worry about skin-troubles and pore clogging issue. -Formulated with Cica, Peptide and Black Complex to nourish hair, strengthen scalp and hair root to prevent hair loss. -Provides a rich amount of moisture and nutrients to hair roots & hair to [...]


Promotes healthier scalp and hydration. Menthol ingredient provides a cool cooling feeling to scalp heat, which is the cause of hair loss, helping to prevent hair loss. CICA which are 4 types of Titrated Extracts of Centella Asiatica helps calm down the scalp that is being stressed-out by the external stimulus. Provides the deep hydration [...]


Some By Mi Cica Peptide Anti Hair Loss Derma Scalp Shampoo 285ml : Formulated with high concentration of CICA ingredients to alleviate the stressed-out scalp and trouble Nourishes scalp with Biotin and proteins from bean, wheat and corn, to help achieve healthy hair Helps maintain strong hair and a healthy scalp and helps improve elasticity, [...]


Pore Concerns All-Clean With Super Matcha and Clay! Blackheads, whiteheads, sebum, enlarged pores. etc., Pore concerns that take more than half of your skin concerns! You need to waste so much time to solve it all one by one. Now, solve all your pore troubles with one Super Matcha Clay Mask. It is easy and [...]


Vegan Certified Face Mask That Works Better On Skin. Experience intensive brightening care from Sheet mask, contained with the nutrients of Yuja Serum, 15 minutes a day. It is not just a mask, it is a Vegan certified sheet mask. This vegan certified sheet mask is made without animal testing and animal materials, ensures no [...]


Some By Mi Diamond Brightening Glow Luminous Ampoule Mask 25g : Instantly illuminates and lightens dull skin with 100ppb diamond powder and 10,000ppm pearl extract One full bottle of enriched ampoule on 1 mask sheet An effective and enriching formula of pomegranate and rose oil, it maintains healthy skin with a variety of active and [...]


Some By Mi Pack Of 10 Hyaluron Moisturizing Glow Luminous Ampoule Mask : Hyaluronic mask helps deeply moisturize dry skin One full bottle of enriched ampoule on 1 mask sheet Triple Hyaluronic Acid and Jeju Oxygen Water Work together to turn dry arid skin more supple and moisturized. Air-light Derma-seal sheet seamlessly cover facial curvature [...]


Quick Calming Care Through 1 Mask Sheet Per Day On the days like when you¡¯ve been out all day or when you were in new environments, you¡¯ll notice your skin feeling more tiring than usual. On the days like these, how about feeling the power of Teatree Ampoule instead of just going to bed? Teatree [...]


The SOME BY MI Yuja Niacin 30 Days Miracle Brightening Sleeping Mask is a 2-in-1 sleeping mask that brightens and moisturises skin while you sleep. Enriched with 70% yuja (citron) extract, which contains 3 times more Vitamin C than a lemon, to recharge and brighten for glowing skin. Niacinamide, arbutin and glutathione helps even out [...]


Take Care Of Your Skin Without Leaving Any Marks! Annoying problematic spots that leave marks if squeezed and get worsened if touched with hands! If you have a problem like this, simply try Spot Patch. Clear Spot Patch is a Hydro Colloid type that helps the skin to breathe and clearly absorbs fluids from the [...]


This Total Care Serum Trial Kit come with: AHA, BHA, PHA 30 Days Miracle Serum 14ml Super Matcha Pore Tightening Serum 14ml Yuja Niacin 30 Days Blemish Care Serum 14ml Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Serum 14ml Benefits: This set comes in 4 different type of serum, provides customized skin care for changing skin condition. Brightens [...]


Cleanser: This low-pH gel cleanser without sulfate purifies, tightens and moisturises pores with 62% of Matcha Water, a high-class Macha from Bosung, South Korea. Removes skin impurities in gentle scrub with 3 types of powder from Konjac Granules, also softens skin texture. Forms micro micellar bubbles, deeply cleanses off accumulated impurities layered inside the pores. [...]


Snail Gel Cleanser 30ml / Snail Toner 30ml / Snail Serum 10ml / Snail Cream 20g It is a 4-STEP Miracle Repair that allows the skin to strengthen itself. It is made in Kit size for you to check if it works on your skin, and it is convenient when taking it out. It consists [...]


This effective 4-step solution kit take cares of irritated and sensitive skin. It contains Tea Tree Water Leave, Centella Asiatica Extracts etc that soothe skin and boost skin barrier. 0.85 oz / Cleansing Bar 25g 1.01 oz / Toner 30ml 0.34 oz / Serum 10ml 0.67 oz / Cream 20g How To AHA, BHA, PHA [...]


[IDEAL FOR] Those who have sensitive skin that easily gets irritated Those who have dehydrated skin with excess sebum Those who want to gently treat dead skin cells [INGREDIENTS/MATERIAL] Formulated with AHA, BHA, and PHA for gentle exfoliation Formulated with EWG verified ingredients [FEATURES] Gently clears out dead skin cells and dirt in pores Strengthens [...]


Some By Mi Yuja Niacin 30 Days Brightening Starter Kit is a travel-sized set of Some By Mi¡¯s flagship Yuja Niacin products comprises toner, serum, gel cream and sleeping mask, all infused with yuja extract as well as glutathione and arbutin for a bright, wrinkle-free finish. Yuja Niacin Toner 30ml Yuja Niacin Serum 10ml Yuja [...]


UV protection, makeup base, whitening and firming – this multifunctional sun cream does it all! The Herb-Pore Complex and extracts from thyme leaf, peppermint, rosehip and sweet marjoram contribute in protecting and giving skin what it deserves by shrinking pore sizes for a clearer and healthier complexion. A 3-in-one multi-functional sun cream that protects your [...]


From UV protection to calming and even tone up! Green Shield Suncream -Triple functional cosmetics for UV protection (SPF50+ PA++++) ¡¤ -Brightening ¡¤ Anti-wrinkle =Meet the upgraded Truecica Suncream= -Strong UV protection -Mild calming care -Bright skin tone -Refreshing adherence =Instant bright tone-up as soon as applied!= Complete a simple base makeup through a sunscreen [...]


With AHA, BHA & PHA for dead skin cells care. A dual-functional product: Whitening + Wrinkles Improvement. Purifies skin and removes makeup residues and skin impurities for a clean and smooth finish. Contains 750,000ppm of Truecica¢â to soothe skin and reinforce skin barrier. Contains 10,000ppm of D-Panthenol for skin moisturising and oil-water balance. Its weightless [...]


[Skin Type] – Those who want naturally bright&glowing skin – Those who want moisturized makeup tight on the skin – Those who are looking for multi-functional skincare product [Ingredients] – 70%of Rosa Centifolia Flower Water works as moisturizer to make application a smooth exprience – Skin Irritation Testing Completed [Features] – Tone-up cream that is [...]


Skin Friendly Ingredients Snail Truecica¢â420,000 ppm Snail cream is formulated with Snail Truecica¢â which contains black snail, and 5 types pf ceramide components which strengthen skin barrier that can protect skin from external stress and prevent it from turning into a sensitive skin. Take an appropriate amount and spread evenly onto the skin.


Skin irritation tested. Free of 20 harmful ingredients. Formulated with AHA, BHA, PHA to remove excessive sebum, dead skin cells and skin impurities. Soothes skin with 92% of Centella Asiatica Extract, Tea Tree Leaf Water, Mugwort Leaf Extract and Rosemary Leaf Oil. Moisturises skin with 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid to locks in skin moisture [...]


It helps improve dead skin cells and skin redness in 2 weeks. Formulated with sub-acidic PHA formula for mild dead skin cell care. Contains 76% of Red Tea Tree Extract & Cicassocide¢â for skin soothing synergy. Completed test – Improves keratin and redness of the face. The mildly acidic PHA formula protects the keratin and [...]


A skin-brightening sun cream features strong, broad-spectrum sun protection SPF50+ PA++++ to shield skin from UV and free radical damage. Formulated with Yuja and lotus extracts, and 14 kinds of vitamin to revitalize your skin for a dewy, healthy-looking complexion. Enriched with niacinamide to help brighten dull, uneven skin tone. How to use: 1. Use [...]


A deep moisturizing cream with in-depth solutions. Wrinkle & Whitening dual-functional Hyaluronic Acid Hepta System Leung island’s deep seawater and a combination of 7 different kinds of hyaluronic acid particles provide deep hydration to the skin. Septuple Moisturizing Technology A septuple moisturizing technology that deeply fills from ultra-low molecules to high molecules inside the skin. [...]


This watery serum purifies, tightens and moisturises pores with 93% of Matcha Water, a high-class Macha from Bosung, South Korea. Features refreshing feeling and leaves without unpleasant stickiness. Dissolves dead skin cells without irritation BHA, PHA ingredients. Moisturises the skin with Glacial Water, Centella Asiatica for a brighter radiance. Infused with natural moisturizing agents including [...]


Strengthening Skin Barrier Is The Solution To Sensitive Skin! A hopeless skin that doesn’t seem to get better with any products. It needs to be reset! SOME BY MI AHA ? BHA ? PHA 30 Days Miracle Cream quickly calms the irritated skin through the triple synergy of 700,000 ppm of Centella Asiatica Extract, 10,000 [...]


Skin-brightening, anti-wrinkle, double functional cosmetics This Blemish Care Serum Contains Niacinamide 5% and Yuja extract, lighten dark spots and brighten up dull skin tone. Skin irritation test completed How to Use -After toner, remove the appropriate amount and spread it gently according to the texture of the skin. -Tap it lightly to absorb it.


Some By Mi 30 Days Miracle Tea Tree Clear Spot Oil for Trouble Skin – it contains 150,000ppm tea tree oil from Australia and contains 19.88% tea tree leaf extract in Korea. Fast sedation and convergence of localized areas – tea tree oil, which effectively soothes skin problems, calms the redness of the skin and [...]


Strengthening the skin barrier Soothing rough and sensitive skin [INGREDIENTS/MATERIAL] Black Snail (880,000ppm): Repairs skin damage, evens out skin tone, firms up skin Truecica (10,000ppm): Boosts antioxidant activity and soothes compromised skin Sage Extract: Soothes sensitive skin Willow Bark Extract: Breaks down dead skin cells [FEATURES] Lightweight, easily absorbed formula that boosts moisture and hydration [...]


Bling Bling, A Confident Bare Face! You can¡¯t always cover your skin! If you want brightly glowing skin with just basic skincare products, pay attention to this product. Galactomyces Pure Vitamin C Glow Serum is contained with 75 % of Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate that helps with brightening and refining skin texture. It removes dead skin [...]


Adding Calming Onto Irritated Skin If you have the skin sensitive to stimuli, your serum has to be different. SOME BY MI AHA ? BHA ? PHA 30 Days Miracle Serum contains 10,000 ppm of Teatree leaf water and 14.77 % of Centella Asiatica Extract. AHA ? BHA ? PHA remove dead skin cells and [...]


Have you ever heard about Foam Crub ? It is a mixed word using cleanser foam and scrub. Cereal pore foam crub is good for pore termination, brightening, dead skin cell control and waster relese, blackhead care and trouble skin relating. Please grab it !! You may love it after trying. Suggested Use 1. Pour [...]


Suggested Use 1. After cleansing, evenly spread on a dried face, avoiding eye and lip area. 2. gently with fingers and rinse with lukewarm water.


Skin irritation tested. Free of 20 harmful ingredients. Contains AHA, PHA for dead skin cells care. With BHA ingredients to alleviate troubles. Soothes skin with 10,000ppm of Truecica¢â and Houttuynia Cordata Extract. Formulated with Eucalyptus which has rich tannin that helps with sebum control and pore care. Suggested Use Apply a proper amount on the [...]


1-minute Is Enough, Treatment For Extremely Damaged Hair Damaged hair due to the frequent hair changes, fuzzy hair due to the use of styling tools, is your nickname¡¦Hagrid? Damaged hair, if you can¡¯t cut them all, pay attention to this treatment. Miracle Repair Treatment fills back the protein that has escaped out of cracked cuticle [...]


Have Clean Pores By Investing 5-Minutes A Day! If you started to notice growing blackheads, start by changing cleansing product first. Green Tea Tox Bubble Cleanser is formulated with 16 Tea Extracts, naturally derived BHA and dense form to cleanse impurities accumulated on your skin and maintain a clean pore condition. A fresh, unrefined Green [...]


Start of Your Skincare For A Clear, Vibrant-looking Complexion! No matter how hard you tried, if you feel like you don¡¯t look good because of your dull skin tone, start by changing your cleansing product. V10 Vitamin Tone up Cleansing Bar contains highly concentrated (15,000 ppm) pure Vitamin C and 10 types of multi-vitamins to [...]


Properly Made, Functional Foam Cleanser To Alleviating Acne-prone Skin! If you have problematic skin, you need to be careful when choosing cleanser! Experience special skincare offered by a cleanser combined with AHA ? BHA ? PHA and special calming ingredients. Miracle Acne Clear Foam is a functional cleanser for alleviating acne-prone skin(completed reports to the [...]


Make Your Skin Healthy Through 91 % of Snail Truecica¢â! If your skin seems to react sensitive to external stimuli and stress, pay attention to this toner. Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Toner is formulated with an exclusive calming care ingredient, Truecica¢â, and extract from Black Snail that has a great ability to keep nutrients. 91 [...]


2-WAY PAD for problematic skin : Thin and soft cotton- Use thin and soft cotton to minimize the Skin friction and irritation. Sterilized pad- Safe for sensitive skin due to The sterilization process. Overflowing moisture from highly concentrated CICA Essence : A soft pad, soaked in highly concentrated CICA Essence effectively treat angry skin without [...]


SOME BY MI Red Tea Tree Cicasoside Derma Solution Toner 150ml Suitable for use with sensitive skin (tested for human body application) / Suitable for use with acne-related skin / Improvement of dead skin cells, redness, and transdermal moisture loss – Whitening/Wrinkle improvement double functional cosmetics – Hypoallergenic dual care for extremely sensitive skin – [...]


A skin-nourishing toner contains 65% of Propolis that boosts skin’s moisture level while improve skin texture It helps prep your skin after cleansing and maximise the benefits of the steps that follow.


All-Stop pore concern with Super Matcha! Experience Super Matcha Toner, a pore concern cleaner that completely erases out pore concerns such as sebum, impurities, and enlarged pores. 83 % of Matcha Water tightly squeezes the pores while naturally sourced BHA cleans blackheads and whiteheads. A patented ingredient, SebumController Powder¢â absorbs the excess sebum and effectively [...]


Brightening Toner That Skin Faces First After Cleansing Dull, tired-looking skin, even with freckles and blemish!? If you think you need a change, seeing your reflection on the mirror, we recommend you to try Yuja Toner. 90 % of Yuja Extract, full of moisture and nutrient, and 12 types of vitamins, recharge skin with vitality [...]


Make Your Skin Healthy Through 91 % of Snail Truecica¢â! If your skin seems to react sensitive to external stimuli and stress, pay attention to this toner. Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Toner is formulated with an exclusive calming care ingredient, Truecica¢â, and extract from Black Snail that has a great ability to keep nutrients. 91 [...]


Bling Bling, A Confident Bare Face! There is always a limit to covering! If you want brightly glowing skin with just a toner after the wash, pay attention to this product. Galactomyces Pure Vitamin C Glow Toner is contained with 88 % of Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate that helps with brightening and refining skin texture. It [...]


Don¡¯t Squeeze, Just Wipe! If you are concerned about your angry, irritated skin, pay attention to this toner! It quickly calms problematic skin with just a wipe. Miracle Toner contains AHA ? BHA ? PHA, which works to remove dead skin cells and impurities, and a good calming agent for skin, 10,000 ppm of Teatree [...]


Start Your Skincare From Cleansing! If you wish to cleanse out all your skin concerns, meet Miracle Cleansing Bar right now! SOME BY MI AHA ? BHA ? PHA Miracle Cleansing Bar offers skin a mild yet, refreshing cleansing experience. 10,000 ppm of Teatree Extract, an effective calming ingredient, gently soothes down the irritated skin [...]