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COMMONLABS Vitamin E Calming Light Cream is the solution to help collapsed skin barriers & strong skin protection. This hypoallergenic barrier-strengthening cream contains ingredients to inhibit sebum as it contains vitamin energy. It is dermatologist tested and contains Vitamin E + Gesolza to provide moisture to the skin. Is your skin exhibiting signs of trouble? [...]


Vitamin E Calming Ampoule [Vitamin E] [Acne care/Calming/Skin protection] Super soothing ampoule with 72% tea tree leaf to treat causes of skin trouble! ? Skin disinfection with Teatree leaf extract 72% ? Patented ingredient functioning for acne care Gesolza¢â ? Smooth texture in reflective of skin temperature A mighty drop of green energy HOW TO [...]


Skin trouble care with micro-needle + Effective penetration with super micro-needle (thinner than pore size) + Patented ingredient functioning for acne care Gesolza¢â + Skin protection with Tea tree leaf extract 54% & Vitamin E HOW TO USE At the last stage of skin care, pump small amount and use the head of applicator to [...]


Moist gel type of cream consisting of pure Vitamin F224 and 30% Sea Buckthorn Water provides ample moisture and gloss to dull skin while Mandarin Orange Peel Extract smooths skin texture. – Vitalize dull skin and enhance the brightening efficacy with Pure Vitamin C and 30% sea buckthorn water – Intense treatment of texture for [...]


The natural exfoliation effect of Lemon Peel Granules and AHA, BHA, PHA complex makes skin smooth by removing dead skin cells. Additionally, pure Vitamin C and 7 kinds of Fruit Complex helps to moisturizes and brightens skin. Radiant skin tone with Pure Vitamin C Exfoliation with natural lemon peel & AHA, BHA, PHA Hypoallergenic gelatinous [...]


Ggultamin E (1 Sheet) for Soothing WHY WE LOVE THIS? 2-Step care [Exfoliation with peeling pad & Calming with Vitamin care] 1STEP Exfoliation with peeling pad 2STEP Speedy calming care with gelatinous essence sheet Refreshing skincare with 27ml ampoule essence ??STEP 1 Mild Peeling Pad gently smoothes out the skin texture. ??STEP 2 Calming Sheet [...]


Ggultamin C (5 Sheets) for Brightening STEP1 3g, STEP2 35g *5ea DETAILS 2-Step care [Exfoliation with Calamine peeling pad and Radiation with Vitamin radiation] 1STEP Exfoliation with 3% of calming Calamine Peeling Pad 2STEP Brightening gelatinous essence sheet High essence content of 35ml per sheet ??STEP 1 Mild Peeling Pad helps brighten up the skin [...]


Ggultamin B (5 Sheets) for Hydrating STEP1 3g, STEP2 33ml(1.11 fl.oz.) *5ea DETAILS 2-Step skin care (Exfoliation with calamine peeling pad / Hydration with vitamin mask sheet) 1STEP Exfoliation with 3% of calming Calamine peeling pad 2STEP Speedy hydration with gelatinous essence High essence content of 33ml per sheet ??STEP 1 Mild Calamine Peeling Pad [...]


KEY BENEFITS Boosts skin¡¯s firmness and supports skin¡¯s protective barrier with Vitamin B, C, E as an antioxidant, to moisturize and to help improve luminosity. ??WHY WE LOVE THIS?! Vitamin B, C & E Nourishes tired skin, moisturize, improve skin elasticity, brighten skin 6-layer Hyaluronic Acid Keeps skin moisturized by filling skin tightly and minimizing [...]


DETAILS Contains 62% Manuka honey extract Multi-angular Nutrition: Triple Vitamin B, C, E 8 Hyaluronic acid formula, natural moisturizer Formulas similar to skin structure ??Magic texture! Despite the occlusive ingredients to keep hydration in, this moisturizer still retains a soft and lightweight texture that sinks in within seconds. No sticky and suffocating feeling, ever! ??Deep [...]


In the first step of basic care after cleansing, Triple Vita Balancing Toner removes excess sebum & waste on the skin, prepares the skin texture and rests tired skin from harmful external environment (e.g. fine dust). It helps skin absorb various nutritions deep into the skin with triple vitamins (Vitamin B, C, E) to maintain [...]