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6 natural oil ingredients dissolve blackheads and skin wastes in the pores without stimulation. Remarkable emulsification cleanses skin wastes in the pores powerfully and smoothly. Eliminates old dead skin cells and prevents moisture evaporation by protecting the skin barrier.


A mild lip & eye remover that only contains safe and hypo-allergenic ingredients. 3 natural oil ingredients cleanse makeups powerfully without stimulating the skin. Broccoli extract and argan kernel oil brighten and moisturize the skin healthily.


The Jiwoogae Heartleaf Peeling Pad contains 60 daily exfoliating toning pads that gently smooth skin texture and prevent breakouts. These 2-in-1 toning pads are soaked in gentle BHA and pore-purifying Heartleaf Extract for gentle exfoliation, and a light Hyaluronic toner for extra hydration.


[IDEAL FOR] Those who want a cleansing pad that provides a refreshing and moist finish Those who want a quick yet thorough cleansing of the skin [INGREDIENTS/MATERIAL] Contains 5 kinds of Hyaluronic Acid to reinforce the skin barrier and improve skin’s moisture Green Tea: Soothes skin and reduces irritation Allantoin: Increases skin’s moisture absorption Sunflower [...]