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Features Control sebum / Trouble relief / Pore care It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps calm and relieve skin irritation. Eggplant extracts help trouble skin by reducing the accumulation of dead skin in hair follicles. How to use Get right amount of the product with pipette, apply it gently on your skin and let it [...]


Feature Black snail mucus and filtrates are main components which provide skin care, 14 amino acid and different types of vitamins are the composition of the skin and will cure damaged skin. Volume 30ml How to use 1. Please wash your face and get right amount of the product and spread gently on your skin. [...]


Feature 1. Formulation with rich moisturizing effect helps form skin barrier. 2. Snail mucus enhances the ability of skin to preserve moisture, keeping it moist for a long time. It promotes skin regeneration as well as helps to improve wrinkles. 3. It adheres well to dry and weak skin around the eyes Provides abundant nutrition [...]


Feature 1.Those who have trouble selecting a product due to sensitive skin. 2. Those who wants soft and smooth skin. 3. Who wants refreshing moisturizing without greasiness. 4. Those who feel like they are loosing the elasticity of the skin. 5. Those who want intensive nutrition and that special care are needed. Volume 30ml How [...]