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Probiotics-fused mist that instantly coats skin moisture barrier and balances skin Nourishing and moisturizing double-hydrating method to help balance skin A combination of oil (5%), moisture (95%) that drenches skin with hydration and prevents moisture from evaporating with an oil barrier to help maintain a hydrated skin. Formulated with superprobiotics + similar oil on our [...]


Low pH body cleanser that soothes sensitive skin, prevents and calms acne and controls sebum levels all the while leaving you refreshed and invigorated.


All FIRST LAB’s Skincare are using a Patented Probiotic Technology from ILDONG Pharmaceutical Korea. Probiotics can influence the balance & the composition of skin microflora. Through the natural process of fermentation, probiotic bacteria produce acid compounds such as lactic acid that lowers the skin pH. The acid pH prevents the growth of the most harmful [...]


A smooth cleansing oil with Korean pearl extract, which gently massages the skin and cleans the deepest pores as well as waterproof lip and eye makeup. https://youtu.be/3Vs2B4ikuwM