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Snail Gel Cleanser 30ml / Snail Toner 30ml / Snail Serum 10ml / Snail Cream 20g It is a 4-STEP Miracle Repair that allows the skin to strengthen itself. It is made in Kit size for you to check if it works on your skin, and it is convenient when taking it out. It consists [...]


This effective 4-step solution kit take cares of irritated and sensitive skin. It contains Tea Tree Water Leave, Centella Asiatica Extracts etc that soothe skin and boost skin barrier. 0.85 oz / Cleansing Bar 25g 1.01 oz / Toner 30ml 0.34 oz / Serum 10ml 0.67 oz / Cream 20g How To AHA, BHA, PHA [...]


[IDEAL FOR] Those who have sensitive skin that easily gets irritated Those who have dehydrated skin with excess sebum Those who want to gently treat dead skin cells [INGREDIENTS/MATERIAL] Formulated with AHA, BHA, and PHA for gentle exfoliation Formulated with EWG verified ingredients [FEATURES] Gently clears out dead skin cells and dirt in pores Strengthens [...]


Some By Mi Yuja Niacin 30 Days Brightening Starter Kit is a travel-sized set of Some By Mi¡¯s flagship Yuja Niacin products comprises toner, serum, gel cream and sleeping mask, all infused with yuja extract as well as glutathione and arbutin for a bright, wrinkle-free finish. Yuja Niacin Toner 30ml Yuja Niacin Serum 10ml Yuja [...]


Suggested Use 1. After cleansing, evenly spread on a dried face, avoiding eye and lip area. 2. Massa.ge gently with fingers and rinse with lukewarm water.


SOME BY MI Red Tea Tree Cicasoside Derma Solution Toner 150ml Suitable for use with sensitive skin (tested for human body application) / Suitable for use with acne-related skin / Improvement of dead skin cells, redness, and transdermal moisture loss – Whitening/Wrinkle improvement double functional cosmetics – Hypoallergenic dual care for extremely sensitive skin – [...]


A skin-nourishing toner contains 65% of Propolis that boosts skin’s moisture level while improve skin texture It helps prep your skin after cleansing and maximise the benefits of the steps that follow.


Brightening Toner That Skin Faces First After Cleansing Dull, tired-looking skin, even with freckles and blemish!? If you think you need a change, seeing your reflection on the mirror, we recommend you to try Yuja Toner. 90 % of Yuja Extract, full of moisture and nutrient, and 12 types of vitamins, recharge skin with vitality [...]


Make Your Skin Healthy Through 91 % of Snail Truecica¢â! If your skin seems to react sensitive to external stimuli and stress, pay attention to this toner. Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Toner is formulated with an exclusive calming care ingredient, Truecica¢â, and extract from Black Snail that has a great ability to keep nutrients. 91 [...]


Don¡¯t Squeeze, Just Wipe! If you are concerned about your angry, irritated skin, pay attention to this toner! It quickly calms problematic skin with just a wipe. Miracle Toner contains AHA ? BHA ? PHA, which works to remove dead skin cells and impurities, and a good calming agent for skin, 10,000 ppm of Teatree [...]


Rich foam cleanser fortified with triple hyaluronic acid to deliver moisture whilst thoroughly cleansing the skin of impurities.


Rovectin Clean Marine Micellar Deep Cleansing Water has strong cleansing power to remove dirt, oil, pollution and makeup from your skin. It contains 7 different layers of Hyaluronic acid to provide hydration to your skin. It’s also formulated with natural and plant based ingredients to make it safe for all skin types.


New concept bubble cleanser with deep cleansing effect of micro bubble CYBER SHINE BUBBLE MASK CLANSER + Basic cleansing & Deep cleansing with unique element Offering brightening effect & Blackhead care + Unique element GIGAWHITE ¢â & Capsulized Vitamin GIGAWHITE ¢â & The capsulized vitamin C & E offer brightening effect & Blackhead care. (GIGAWHITE [...]


PLACENTA MASK PACK to help stimulate sensitive skin


BIRD’S NEST AQUA MASK PACK to help moisturize dry skin


HORSE OIL NUTRITION MASK PACK with moisturizing and clarifying functionality for dull and flaky skin


Bringing smoothness and firmness to lack-luster skin with SNAIL WRINKLE IMPROVEMENT MASK PACK


A mild, feathery and soothing lotion that keeps skin’s oil and water balance for all skin types. It provides an optimal hydrating protection with the 7-layered hyaluronic acid and 51% bamboo water that is packed with skin-nourishing amino acids and minerals. The patented Derma-clera¢â has been clinically proven to have skin barrier repairing and skin [...]


Feature moisture12 kinds of vitamins and a fruit complex (pomegranate, fig, Mulberry Fruit, and Ginkgo) are contained and it has soft cream formulation that helps skin care for sensitive skin. It is a dual-functional (wrinkle improvement, whitening) sleeping pack that provide elasticity and maintain skin balance until the next morning How to use Apply evenly [...]


Feature Collagen extracted from fish and 7 types of hyaluronic acids are contained and it has soft cream formulation that provides excellent moisturizing power while sleeping. It is a dual-functional (wrinkle improvement, whitening) sleeping pack thay provides elasticity and maintains skin balance untill the next morning. How to use Apply evenly onto the skin in [...]


Feature Ceramide and 8 kinds of peptides are contained and it has soft cream formulation that will strengthen skin barrier while sleeping, It is a dual-functional (wrinkle improvement, whitening) sleeping pack that is excellent in hydration and wrinkle improvement and keeps the skin moist even until the next morning. How to use Apply evenly onto [...]


Feature It contains aloe powder that gives elasticity and energy to help revitalize the tired skin. It also contains AHA, BHA ingredients and various plant extracts that protect the skin from harmful environments and help to balance oily skin. How to use Get right amount in the palm, make enough foam and massage it gently [...]


Feature Soft cream typed texture. Voluminous foam cleanses the skin without irritation and keeps it moisturizied. Snail mucus filtrate prevents loss of moisture. It clears the skin comfortably with Chamaecyparis Obtusa Water, Bambusa Vulgaris Leaf/Stem Extract and etc. How to use After taking adequate amount for making rich lathers and massage the face to cleanse. [...]


Feature Hydrolyze collagen and 6 kinds of plant oils will calm cuticles on hair and provide conditioning to keep your hair smooth. 14 kinds of amino acid components moisturize the hair. Helps damaged hair to be glossy and healthy. There is no stickiness after using the product. Volume 20ml How to use After shampoo dry [...]


Feature Panthenol protein, Amino acid ingredient will provide moisture and nutrients to keep your hair healthy. Collagen and silk ingredient provide slight coating on your hair to make gloss and smooth hair. Volume 150ml How to use This product can be applied on wet hair or dried hair. Get right amount of product and apply [...]


Feature With hydrolyzed keratin The hydrolyzed silk component By conditioning the hair With vitality and healthy hair care It helps prevent static electricity. Volume 150ml How to use After shampoo get right amount of product and massage based on damaged hair Wait for 2 ~ 3 minutes and wash with warm water.


A deep cleansing mask pack enriched with charcoal helps decongest pores by lifting up and removing impurities. 1. Spread generous amount over the entire face and leave it for 5 minutes. 2. Lightly moist your hands and massage gently with bubble formed. 3. Rinse well with water.


* Elizavecca Milky Piggy Galactomyces 97% * 150ml, Big Size * Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate 97 * Difference with Galactomyces 100%? – Galactomyces 100% : Contain only Galactomyces 100% – Galactomyces 97% : Contain Galactomyces 97%+Whitening Indigrient+Moisture Indigrient * For Dry Skin : Use this product with other facial cream * Daily Skin-care Item for all [...]


* Elizavecca Milky Piggy Galactomyces 100% * Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate 100 * 150ml, Big Size * Daily Skin-care Item for all skin * Relaxing Skin, Moisture, Protecting Skin, Non-Oil Moisture * Use for all day and night It is a product which is able to help with moisture always to recover the elasticity of your [...]


Including 24K gold, red ginseng (body repair Korean food), Sea cucumber ingredients helps for Skin Whitening and wrinkle improvement Fit gives the balance of oil and moisture for your skin Water drop cream is natural moisture veil for your skin to necessary nutrition to the skin strong-moist