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A comforting daily-use emulsion infused with a combination of revitalizing ingredients and probiotics A daily-use, hydrating emulsion for a healthy skin 5-type hyaluronic acid instantly moisturizes dry skin and probiotics improves skin environment to form a nourishing*hydrating barrier for a healthy complexion. Vibrant skin texture with berry extract and centella asiatica Infused with 5-type of [...]


With 7 Cica ingredients that help restore the weakened skin barrier, this cream moisturizes and protects the skin without leaving the skin feeling greasy or heavy.


A mild, feathery and soothing lotion that keeps skin’s oil and water balance for all skin types. It provides an optimal hydrating protection with the 7-layered hyaluronic acid and 51% bamboo water that is packed with skin-nourishing amino acids and minerals. The patented Derma-clera¢â has been clinically proven to have skin barrier repairing and skin [...]


Retain and boost skin’s moisture with the power of energizing and skin-rejuvenating bamboo water. The hydrating, water-like and fast-absorbing texture offers a deep hydration yet light finishing, helping other skincare products to better absorb and perform on the skin.


Solutions for Deep wrinkle and fine eye lines Dark circles Sagging eye areas Product Function Brightening, Anti-Wrinkle


Solutions for Dry skin Aging skin that has lost its elasticity Exfoliating skin Product Function Peeling, Calming


High moisturizing, adherable mask using micro fiber derived from eucalyptus tree Multifuction for whitening and wrinkle care Turmeric gel & Dermabiotics composition 3501 from Iidong Pharmaceutical Technology lift skin condition and keep your skin clean, transparent , and smooth European environment friendly certification Oeko-Tex Standard 100 & Certification number N-KEN 17006 Cover your skin 10~20 [...]


Feature Contains 8 fruis extracts and 12 vitamins to help revitalize your skin. Also the product contains 7 kinds of hyaluronic acid to increase skin’s moisture retention level and keep skin soft and moist. It is bifunctional product with whitening and wrinkle improvement. Volume 50g How to use Get right amount of the product and [...]


Feature Skin with of moisture and nutrition Moisturizing ingredients provide skin with nutrition and moisture to make skin clear and elastic Formation of moisture protection film Moisturizing ingreadients provide skin with nutrition and moisture to make skin clear and elastic Keep oil and moisture balance of the skin Contains various plant extracts to balance the [...]


Feature Synthetic peptide consisting of 4 amino acids that helps skin. Prevents causing acute inflammatory reactions, prevent damages to glucose, promotes the growth of connective tissue. Helps to increase collagen production in the skin, helping to heal and rejuvenate the skin. How to use After face wash in the morning and evening, tap softly with [...]


Feature Galactomyces frmented filtrate and damask rose flower extracts are contained to provide vitality on skin. Contains 12 vitamins to improve skin texture and helps to keep clean skin. It also contains a variety of botanical oils and complex extracts to provide energy to tired skin and helps to have vitality on skin. How to [...]


Feature 24k Gold & Peptide Ampoule Cream is a quick-absorbing gel type that is non-sticky and refreshing and replenishes moisture. Various moisturizing ingredients, whitening, wrinkle-improving functional ingredients and four peptides specially designed for regeneration and wrinkles are included, enabling luxury care for wrinkles. How to use After cleansing, skip the ampoule step and at the [...]