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Moisture and nutrition-filled care, even outside the house 744 hours of sincerity fermented with Kahi’s unique strains, Jeju fermented oil Sun care is not only very simple outside the house, but also whitening care Non-sticky finish and stick-type convenience Suggested Use At the last step of skin care, gently spread over your face. If you [...]


Kahi Eye Balm is used around your eyes to help hydrate skins and help manage wrinkles around your eyes. This salmon complex infused balm, which contains Salmon Collagen and Salmon PDRN, increases the synthesis of collagen in the skin to restore the elasticity of the skin’s effectiveness. It moisturizes skin instantly and gives you a [...]


Point1. Can apply before or after makeup on eyes areas, cheeks, eye bags, chin for moisturizing. Point2. Salmon complex with three elements that restore the skin barrier. Point3. Holds moisture barrier for long-lasting hydration and to boost the lasting power of makeup. Point4. The Filmexel method from Silab in France makes makeup last longer.


3step melanin care from blemishes to blemishes A stick that is convenient to use anytime, anywhere Kahi’s own skin care know-how and ceramides proven with multi balm Suggested Use At the last step of skin care, gently spread over the face or areas where pigmentation is a concern. It can be used before makeup, and [...]


1. Wrinkle improved with only one time use so quickly making it your favorite. 2. As soon as you apply it, it creates a natural glow, quickly making it your favorite. Suggested Use At the last step of skincare for all skin types, gently apply on the face or dry skin areas. It can be [...]


Take the sheet mask and smooth over the face. Remove after 15-20 minutes. Lightly pat the remaining ampoule into the skin.


Maintains moist and fresh skin for a long time with mucin(glycosaminoglycans) from snail slime. Clear skin with natural protector(fermented soybean, willow, cypress). Healthy skin care with CNP Anti-Irritant Complex from pomegranate, fig, lemon balm. How to Use 1. Take the ampule mask out, unfold and place on the face evenly. 2. Rest for 10~20 minutes [...]


Vitamin A, B, E and other 10 kinds of vitamin complex ingredients give bright skin vitality and energy. BOTANICEUTICAL PLUS-10 (licorice, mallow bark etc) containing mask to give various skin problem care effectively. Portulaca, gingko, gold thread and other base developed CNP Anti-Blemish Complex mask gives bright skin care.


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