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This moisture blend anti-aging formula intensely moisturizes the skin and leaves is feeling supple


This anti-aging emulsion leaves rough, uneven skin feeling supple and moisturized.


Aloevera toner that realizes clear skin with moisture care controlling dryness


This gentle, acne-fighting cleanser removes excess oil, pore-clogging debris and makeup without drying skin or causing redness. https://www.paulaschoice.co.kr/FrontStore/iGoodsViewT1.phtml?iCategoryId=688&iCategoryIdMain=688&iGoodsId=0224_00001&iCurrentPage=1


Feature 1. Using salmon oil and 8 kinds of lifting peptide ingredients, it is excellent for dark circles under eyes, whitening and wrinkles. 2. Salmon oil has fatty acid composition very similar to human skin tissue. It is a human-friendly natural raw material with excellent for skin disease, immunity control, and skin restoring power. 3. [...]