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The Fundamental Ampule Mist is a Green Tea Water based mist, formulated with rice, cucumbers, okra, and mugwort which is effective for intensive hydration and antioxidant care. With the premium formulation, the ampule mist provides high nutrients to the skin for the skin to shine and look dewy with couple spritz. It also locks in [...]


The mild lip and eye remover effectively removes heavy eye and lip makeup.


The low-irritant lip & eye remover gently removes heavy makeup without irritating the thin skin around the eyes.


Mascara remover effectively removes long-lasting Curl Fix mascara easily and fast.


The sleeping pack soothes sensitive skin and strengthens the moisture barrier during the night


This smooth cream-type mud pack with Calamine removes sebum and help moisturizing the skin.


It is an AC toner that is absorbed without stickiness by supplying moisture while controlling the sebum of the skin, maintaining the optimal skin condition and changing to a water type at the moment it touches the skin.